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Soul and Vibe Entertainment, Inc. | Soul and Vibe Publishing, Inc.

Founder | President

Minneapolis, MN. | Salt Lake City, UT.

2011 - Present

Subsidiaries of Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc., a publisher of games, games-related content, apps, interactive books, and digitally distributed music, for console, mobile, personal computer, social media, and AR/VR platforms.


  • Managed the Company’s production and design process for its licensed-brand and proprietary IP-based product portfolio. Directly managed design, product scope, budget, and "agile" milestone development methodologies via contract-defined schedules with "3rd Party" teams (studios and content creators), internal QA, and Licensors;


  • IP Development and Product Design, inclusive of core play mechanic and feature pillar definition, play progression, UI, story and dialogue script writing, voice-over performance and cinematic scoring direction, and "reward" systems;


  • Negotiated/executed development-publishing and independent contractor agreements with "3rd Party" game and app development studios and graphic design, music, sound effect, and animation content providers, world-wide;


  • Product launch coordination with internal QA: Compliance and functional testing disciplines, in-app ad network testing (ad monetization and user incentive rewards), localization prep., Redmine database management, and "Go/No Go" product ship reviews based on Program Management, QA, Legal, Financial, and Licensor assessments;


  • Negotiated/executed license agreements with publishing partners. Negotiated and executed agreements with General Mills (Wheaties and various breakfast cereal and food-product mascots) and John Deere for licenses that enable "Soul and Vibe" to develop and publish licensed-brand interactive products;


  • Negotiated/executed publishing licenses: Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (PlayStation), and Nintendo (Wii, Wii U, and 3DS);


  • Developed two "companion" publishing labels as unique and revenue-generating cross-marketing vehicles for games and apps:


  • Soul and Vibe Music: Soundtracks, music singles, and DJ remixes distributed via streaming and digital download. Albums and individual tracks are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, Saavn, Beats/MediaNet, Microsoft Groove, ClaroMusica, etc. Individual tracks are copyright protected, tagged for monetization, and recognized by Shazam;

  • Soul and Vibe Books: Interactive storybooks based on licensed-brands and proprietary IP. Each book is digitally distributed via The App Store, Google Play, and Amazon (for both Android and Kindle platforms.)​

Stories Retold Via Puzzles
Wheaties-Themed Ideas
Publishing Label
Publishing Label

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