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Nick Heikkila

Production Engineering Lead


"I worked closely with the production department headed by Tony for nearly 4 years. In that time I found him to be a very skilled Director of Product Development with a wealth of past exerience. Tony drew upon this experience to lead a production department through the publishing of nearly 100 titles over the past 5 years. Publishing this huge volume of product could not have been done without Tony's supervision. As a manager, he was also an excellent mentor to developing producers and helped associate producers fresh out of QA become effective project managers in their own right.

In addition to his skills as a manager, Tony also has a fantastic sense for game design. He designed, as well as produced, the Stoked series for Xbox 360. Tony's hand is seen throughout these games and, as a result, is by far Destineer's highest rated series on

Tony was the man people went to when they had difficulties dealing with a developer, had questions about game usability, or just wanted a valued opinion. Any team looking for a project manager or department head would benefit greatly from Tony Chiodo's leadership."

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