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SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies (a GT Interactive Studio)
Product Marketing Manager and Game Designer
Salt Lake City, UT.
1996 - 2000

Product Marketing Manager


  • Prepared IP pitch presentations to portfolio managers at Sony Computer Entertainment of America ("SCEA"), Microsoft, and GT Interactive;


  • Co-Directed IP logo creation, product packaging designs, product print advertising pieces, in-store displays, and product promotional materials for trade shows, publicity events, and press tours;


  • Co-Directed development of corporate logo and identity with "3rd Party" PR, design, and advertising firms;


  • Maintained product continuity between production, packaging, and publicity, and identified target demographics and positioning for internally developed IP;


  • Coordinated focus test groups with client companies SCEA, Microsoft, and the studio’s home city to obtain concept and game play feedback on in-development products.


Game Designer


  • Helped create IP for console and PC. Duties included concept and play mechanic development, creative writing, character creation and development, and story boarding. Worked closely with technical directors, concept and production artists, and "3rd Party" design firms;

  • Creative Direction: Set product vision with internal development teams. Created IP style guides and managed cinematic and user interface asset production with internal artists and "3rd Party" design firms.

Sony PlayStation ("PSX")
PC and Mac

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