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   Electro Brain Corporation
   Production Manager
   Salt Lake City, UT.
   1990 - 1995
  • Responsible for the Company’s Nintendo and Sega console-specific product portfolio (both "set-top" and "hand-held.") Directed "3rd Party" production teams, worldwide. Managed the Company’s affiliate publishing label relationship with Absolute Entertainment;


  • Created relationships with Evans and Sutherland (potential equity position), Warner Bros. ("WB") and D.C. Comics, The Marvel Comics Group, Landmark Entertainment Group, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Conceptual Realities, Inc. (IP acquisition and licensing);


  • Developed and implemented a QA program consisting of over 100 individuals for concept evaluation and testing (compliance/functionality) of console games. Created a customer service support system and 1-900 "gameplay hint" telephone channels;

  • Authored instruction manuals and packaging copy.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System ("SNES")
Published by Acclaim
Affiliate Label Publishing
   Fun Fact
  • Only Producer to have worked on both "3rd Party" Super FX Chip games published on SNES. All other Super FX chip games were published exclusively by Nintendo.

Nintendo Entertainment System ("NES")
Affiliate Label Publishing
Game Boy
Affiliate Label Publishing
Sega Genesis

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