Destineer Games

Director Of Product Development

Minneapolis, MN.

2003 - 2011

External Development Director (April 2006 to February 2011)


  • Created/implemented a design and development process that led to the release of 100+ frontline and casual games in 4 years. This positioned Destineer as the world’s #6 developer-publisher of Nintendo hardware compatible games;


  • Produced and co-designed the critically acclaimed "Stoked" open world/sandbox snowboarding series (Xbox 360 and PC) and the million unit+ selling "Summer Sports: Paradise Island" (Wii) for North American, European, and Japanese markets;


  • Managed/mentored a 7-person Program Management team, oversaw world-wide development of console and PC games via contracted developers and individual content creators, and managed localization with partners in Europe and Japan (Ubisoft and Zushi);


  • Managed the production process across functional teams. Worked with Creative Marketing to maintain cohesion between product, packaging, and publicity. Defined compliance and functional test priorities with internal QA staff;


  • Developed relationships | negotiated agreements with developers, licensing agents, Olympic champions, professional athletes, musicians, and toy companies. Prepared and pitched concepts to prospective licensors;


  • Created multi-year proprietary engine and product development strategies with 3rd Party studios that targeted goals and objectives set by Destineer and its investors. Conducted prospective development partner due-diligence;


  • Liaison with "1st Party" licensors: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft;


  • Directed "mo-cap" (motion capture) and "VO" (voice-over) sessions with contracted talent (at both 3rd Party and internal facilities.)


Internal Development Director (November 2003 to December 2006)


  • Directed internal development and design of frontline games & engine technology platforms for Xbox/Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Mac and simultaneously managed the company's Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.-based internal studio (35+ persons);


  • Internally developed products for which I was responsible secured a $12m capital raise in 2006. This was the second largest capital raise in the interactive industry for the year;


  • Produced and designed "serious games" training tools and simulations for the United States Marine Corps ("USMC") and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ("DARPA").


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