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Destineer Games

Director Of Product Development

Minneapolis, MN.

2003 - 2011

External Development Director (April 2006 to February 2011)


  • Created/implemented a design and development process that led to the release of 100+ frontline and casual games in 4 years. This positioned Destineer as the world’s #6 developer-publisher of Nintendo hardware compatible games;


  • Produced and co-designed the critically acclaimed "Stoked" open world/sandbox snowboarding series (Xbox 360 and PC) and the million unit+ selling "Summer Sports: Paradise Island" (Wii) for North American, European, and Japanese markets;


  • Managed/mentored a 7-person Program Management team, oversaw world-wide development of console and PC games via contracted developers and individual content creators, and managed localization with partners in Europe and Japan (Ubisoft and Zushi);


  • Managed the production process across functional teams. Worked with Creative Marketing to maintain cohesion between product, packaging, and publicity. Defined compliance and functional test priorities with internal QA staff;


  • Developed relationships | negotiated agreements with developers, licensing agents, Olympic champions, professional athletes, musicians, and toy companies. Prepared and pitched concepts to prospective licensors;


  • Created multi-year proprietary engine and product development strategies with 3rd Party studios that targeted goals and objectives set by Destineer and its investors. Conducted prospective development partner due-diligence;


  • Liaison with "1st Party" licensors: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft;


  • Directed "mo-cap" (motion capture) and "VO" (voice-over) sessions with contracted talent (at both 3rd Party and internal facilities.)


Internal Development Director (November 2003 to December 2006)


  • Directed internal development and design of frontline games & engine technology platforms for Xbox/Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Mac and simultaneously managed the company's Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.-based internal studio (35+ persons);


  • Internally developed products for which I was responsible secured a $12m capital raise in 2006. This was the second largest capital raise in the interactive industry for the year;


  • Produced and designed "serious games" training tools and simulations for the United States Marine Corps ("USMC") and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ("DARPA").


Open World/Sandbox Sports
Sports, Holidays, Arcade, & More!
Historical Racing Simulations
Games & Military Training Tools
Adventure and TCG
Xbox & Xbox Live 1.0 Support
Xbox 360 & Xbox Live 2.0 Support
PC and Mac
PC and Mac (publishing support)
Also on XBLA
Training Tools (United States Marine Corps)
Deployed in Fire Team Leadership courses
Deployed in all "USMC" Simulation Centers
Nintendo Dual Screen ("DS")
PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable
Nintendo Wii
Periodic Distributor-Set Peripheral Bundles

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