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Stoked (Xbox 360). Nominated 'Sports Game of the Year' (2009) by GamePro Magazine;

Close Combat: First to Fight (Xbox, PC, and Mac). A 'Top 10 Co-Op Game' (April, 2004) by;

Amped 2 (Xbox). Nominated for 'Best of Show (sports), 'Top 10 Product of Show' by, and voted 'Best Extreme Sports Game of E3' by Team Xbox at E3 2003;

Brain Bender (Game Boy). 'Best, and Most Innovative, New Puzzle Title' by Game Players Publications;

Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding (Super Nintendo). 'Best of Show' by Nintendo Co. Ltd. and Nintendo Power Magazine at the 1994 Winter CES and 'Outstanding Design' by Bytes Magazine;

Best of the Best Championship Karate (Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, NES, and Game Boy). 'Best Genesis Sports Product of 1993' by Sega Co. Ltd.;

Boxing Legends of the Ring (Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis). 'Best Boxing Simulation Available' by Game Players Publications.

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