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Megu Games
Game Design and Production Manager (Independent Contractor)
Salt Lake City, UT. | Sedona, AZ.
2017 (Sept. - Nov.)
  • 3-month contract; Co-designer and Production Manager of "Kingdoms of Solitaire" (iOS and Android.) Defined and implemented development process with external developer across prototype and full production cycles. Coordinated social media and press engagement at launch.

Vital Simulations, LLC and SiMCare Health
Program Manager (Independent Contractor)
Minneapolis, MN.
2012 (Jan. - Dec.)
  • 12-month contract; Design and Program Management of "serious games" training tools/simulations that assist medical professionals provide care to patients suffering from chronic diseases. (SCORM compliant. Simulations were deployed via LMS, browser, & iOS devices);

  • Macro learning system & individual "topical module" product design while working with Subject Matter Experts (“SMEs”) at the University of Minnesota's School of Nursing. Focus: Identification/Care of Diabetic Pressure Ulcers, Safety Culture (falls prevention & impact of "sundowning" on elderly patients), and Documentation of care provider & patient interaction via an Electronic Medical Record ("EMR");

  • Program Management of macro learning system & individual plug-in "topical module" development;

  • Collected/interpreted data from "Educational Intent Gamification" usability/playtest sessions with "topical module" demographics; identified & communicated recommended adjustments to module scope based on user behavior;

  • Process/Infrastructure: Implemented document sharing & web-based bug database tracking systems; established standardized bug "severity" & "priority," regression, and triage definitions/processes for internal Product Development and QA, 3rd Party development teams, and client organizations.​​

Institute Of Production And Recording ("IPR")
Adjunct Faculty Member and Curriculum Advisory Board Member
Minneapolis, MN.
2008 - 2015
  • Invited to provide feedback on curriculum designed for current & prospective IPR students;

  • Invited to instruct two classes: "The Business of Video Games" & "The Art, Culture, & Economics of Video Games."

"Continuing Education" training tools to help physicians and nurses care for patients suffering from chronic diseases and conditions.

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