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Quality Assurance Manager (Independent Contractor)
Salt Lake City, UT. | Palo Alto, CA.
2017 (Mar. - Aug.)
  • 6 month consulting contract; recruited, managed, and mentored the Salt Lake City, Utah studio's Quality Assurance process and staff;

  • QA Management (process and staff) for castAR's internally developed "1st Party" product portfolio based on the company's proprietary Augmented Reality hardware. Test plan creation, bug tracking via JIRA, regression, triage, playability, user behavior analytics tracking via Unity, specific feature, play progression, online/offline play, achievements, and multiplayer testing (asynchronous and real-time simultaneous user).​

Off Road Elimination

   Augmented Reality racing

  • 4 racing circuits. Each contained 4 unique tracks;

  • Thirteen unique cars. Each customizable via paint and deco skins. Player selectable emojis for player-to-player interaction;

  • Weapons: Pick-up and deploy offensive and defensive weapons against opponents during gameplay;

  • 3 Battle Modes: Elimination, Death Match, and Capture the Flag:

  • Adaptive AI for race and battle gameplay against CPU opponents;

  • 6-player multiplayer via LAN and online.

The Video Game Show!

Augmented Reality party game wrapped up in a game show.

  • Twelve unique gameplay types split between "skill" and "chance;" 

  • Play mechanics focused on capabilities of castAR's proprietary Augmented Reality hardware and peripherals;

  • Recurring calendar of DLC built around popular themes;

  • Push Pops: Unique player avatar system complete with robust customization content and capabilities.

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